Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that replaces missing teeth and related structures, sometimes called, "The specialty that bridges all gaps." Dr. Stevenson works with other dentists; specialists when patients need root canals, extractions or implants, or with patients who see a family dentist for routine dental care.

The majority of Dr. Stevenson's patients wear removable dentures, either complete or partial, with or without dental implants. Patients may chose from a variety of porcelain or plastic denture teeth in a range of tooth shades or colors, including gold denture teeth. Also, he can restore implants with crowns or bridges.

He will visit patients who reside in local nursing homes.

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Call or write for a free "Denture Wear & Care" booklet of instructions about complete dentures.

Patients seen by appointment only.

We can file insurance claims with most major dental insurance companies, but do not participate with Medicare or Medicaid programs.

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